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Fork it, Washington County!

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Team Eat Drink Washington County is forking our way to a regenerative food culture!

-Art by Donavon Sinclair | Instagram @sinclair_arts

We're digging into food, culture, and society - the core ingredients to a community's identity. What foods are native to Washington County? And, what cooking influences are present in our community?

We love our regional friends who are elevating the local food scene - Portland is pivoting from the pandemic & still known as one of the most exciting food towns in the country. Yamhill County is the hub of Oregon's wine country. As for Washington County, we're known as Silicon Forest...Wait, what?

Washington County's bounty supplies much of the surrounding metro area, whose food culture's reputation is known nationwide, but our county still hasn't defined our own food identity. Why is that?...

The 2022 United States census recorded Washington County Population as 615,656, making it the second most populous county in the state and most populous "Washington County" in the United States (2022 US Census - Washington County, Oregon).

Annually, Silicon Forest's high-tech industry brings in hundreds of transplants throughout the world, surely, there's a hunger for connection in our ever-changing community. Why not start with food and art? Both connect and inspire.

There's no one story that identifies our local food, but as a community, it boils down to how we learn to interact and grow with our local food. Let's fork our way through Washington County's nutrient rich farmland and dig our way into a meaningful food culture one bite/drink at a time. -Team Eat Drink WashCo

Local Food Access:

  • Community Sourced Agriculture (CSA)

  • Local Farmers' Markets | SNAP Match & Veterans Match

  • Independent Farm Stores

  • Value Added Products

  • Community Gardens

  • Community Fridges:

  1. The Beaverton Food Project

  2. Love Your Black Community

  3. Amsha Hope Amanaki

Eat Me 503 T-Shirt by artist Take Me 503 | Instagram @takeme503


137 SE 2ND AVE.


Boutique located along Tuesday Night Market & Saturday Farmers' Market route

Team Eat Drink WashCo is working with local artists to encourage our county's food culture identity based on location and a desire to support regenerative agriculture.

Eat Drink WashCo Eco - Friendly Merchandise available at WHITE BIRCH DESIGN CO, in collaboration with local artist in support of the culinary arts & furthering local food identity within Washington County


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