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Why Soil is the Sh*t!

It's not sexy, but farmers & home gardeners "LOVE" to get down and dirty with regenerative soil.

-Foodways at Nana Cardoon | Urban Farm & Learning Center

“Nutrient rich soil is the grounding | basis of #local life! ”

-Eat Drink Washington County

What Does Soil Do?...What Doesn't it do?!

Good #soil is the peanut butter to a plant's jelly. Soil acts as a plant's food pantry. Healthy soil anchors & provides essential nutrients to a plant's root system, filters water and can store carbon.

Fun Fact: Soil helps keep ground water free from pollutants, too.

Soil is a playground for billions of organisms, this is critical for #biodiversity.

Below are the 5 layers of soil: FoodPrint.

  • Organic Layer

  • Topsoil

  • Subsoil

  • Parent Material

  • Bedrock

To be clear, dirt is NOT soil. Dirt (broken-down rocks) plus water, air and organic matter (bacteria, fungi, worms, & insects) equals soil. Both soil & plants are the complex foundation of the intricate soil food web.

Soil is the great connector of lives, the source and destination of all.

-Wendell Berry, author of The Unsettling of America

Home soil is vital in producing #nutrient rich food & drink. The conversation is just getting started. Reach out and dish with us, together we learn and local stronger.


  • Sarah Confer of Nomomente

  • Food Print

  • Wendell Berry of The unsettling of America

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